Internet of things increasingly rely on hardware technology Haier prerequisite obvious advantages

The year 2016 should be a year worth downloading into the history of the technology industry. New technologies such as artificial intelligence, VR, AR and so on have enjoyed explosive growth this year. If you choose a technology keyword for 2016, the Internet of Things must be on the list of candidates, it not only integrates the technology across the software and hardware fields, such as AI, sensors, and radio frequency identification, but also comes faster to our daily life Change one more technique.

Internet of things increasingly rely on hardware technology Haier prerequisite obvious advantages

During the Spring Festival CCTV broadcast of the smart home videos we see wake up early in the morning by the smart audio, standing in front of the mirror can see their health, the refrigerator screen automatically recommended for you to recipes can also be linked to a oven Key operation ...... Not only the interaction between human and home appliances more natural and smart, home appliances can also be interconnected.

In the past, the mobile Internet has brought great convenience to our life, and we can get information and services with our fingers. The future of the Internet of Things era, it will make our lives more intelligent, not only rely on the instructions issued by the fingers, voice will be one of the most important ways to interact. The instructions are not just humans, more appliances are based on our habits and communicate with each other. Compared to the previous home appliances to the image of individuals as a human tool, now home appliances to the scene as a unit, become intelligent housekeeper of human life.

Haier, the producer behind this smart home video, is Haier, the more convenient Haier company dedicated to bringing people's lives through home appliances, where is the Internet of Things?

The difference between the Internet of Things and the mobile Internet is that the Internet of Things is more dependent on hardware and the mobile Internet is more dependent on software.

Mobile Internet only the mobile phone, tablet and other terminals as a software carrying tools, the real change in people's lives is to accelerate the flow of information through software and business innovation for the model.

As for the Internet of Things, as mentioned above, involves a variety of areas of hardware technology. More important is the software (operating system) as a carrying tool, connecting hardware and tools to make it more scene, through the enabling of the scene to achieve the convenience of people's lives to promote.

That is why, in today's highly competitive IoT business, companies such as Haier, which come from hardware, perform better. Haier, which recently won the first national scientific and technological progress award in the history of home appliance in China, has always had advantages in technological innovation and product performance. Adhering to its intelligent manufacturing strategy, Haier invests more than 5 billion yuan in technology research and development each year, not only obtaining more than 15,000 Piece of technology patents, but also participated in many national and global industry standards revision.

With technological advantages and a wide range of product audiences, Haier has even more pre-emptive advantages in establishing a smart home. On top of this, Haier began exploring intelligent manufacturing transformation in 2011. At present, Haier has established eight interconnection factories, which have opened up both R & D and users. The user needs to be personalized and fragmented linearly to the manufacturing system to provide users with a better product experience.

With the hardware foundation and technical advantages, we can make products provide users with better services, thus taking the core of IoT - changing people's lives through hardware scenarios.

[Bottom of the ecological war - Internet of things match point]

Of course, eager to enter the Internet of Things through products and hardware is more than just Haier, in addition to technology, the match point of the Internet of Things more lies in the bottom of the ecological battle.

How can the Internet of Things improve the convenience of people's lives? To put it simply, the use of the underlying ecosystem to occupy more terminals allows multiple products to operate across platforms and screens. The terminals are interconnected to exchange commands and information, while aggregating data from multiple terminals Upload to the cloud to enhance the terminal's intelligence through calculation results. This also determines that the same underlying ecosystem to occupy more terminals, users will be more convenient to use, the higher the terminal system wisdom.

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