International "Glass Packaging" Industry Shows New Development Trends

The international glass packaging industry has shown new development trends: the use of advanced energy-saving technologies for production; lightweight bottles; increased labor productivity and increased production concentration. The foreign glass packaging industry is promoting the oxy-fuel combustion technology. This is the second revolution after the regenerative glass furnace, and can achieve significant effects of low investment, low energy consumption, and low dust emissions. Another way to save energy is to increase the amount of broken glass. The amount of broken glass imported abroad reaches 60%-70%.

Lightweight bottles are the leading products for glass bottles and cans. Precise control of raw material composition, precise control of the entire process of melting, small-nip pressure blowing technology (nnpb), hot and cold-side spraying of bottles and cans, on-line detection and other advanced technologies are fundamental guarantees for realizing the lightweighting of bottles and cans. Some countries are developing new bottle surface enhancement technology in an attempt to further reduce bottle weight. The popular plastic film sleeve labels are also beneficial to the lightweight of glass bottles and cans.

Developed countries generally use multi-group and multi-drop molding machines to increase the molding speed of glass bottles. The speed of the 12 sets of double-dripping serial bottle-making machines produced abroad can exceed 240/min, which is more than 4 times higher than the 6 sets of single drop molding machines commonly used in the country. At the same time, a large number of glass packaging production companies have begun mergers and reorganizations to increase the concentration of the glass container industry in order to optimize resource allocation and increase economies of scale.

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