How to shorten the gap between domestic instrumentation industry and foreign countries

Instrumentation products have a wide variety of products and cover a wide range of products. With the development of China's demand for more and more instrumentation, to a large extent, promote the rapid development of China's instrumentation industry, but relatively weak compared to foreign development, there is a big gap between, which is also China's instrumentation The industry's gaps in technology, research and development teams, and personnel training are caused by the gap. So how does the instrumentation industry shorten the gap with advanced countries? There is more than just finding gaps and shortening gaps. It is also necessary to prepare for the lead while narrowing the gap.

The lack of high-tech R&D in instrumentation is a major factor behind advanced countries. In this regard, it is necessary to increase investment in scientific research and strive to have a strong scientific research team to develop advanced products with development potential. Among the difficulties that need to be overcome are: organic integration of silicon micro-machining technology, computer technology, and nano-technology; gradually expanding the application fields of civilian instruments and meters with a large market, based on the Internet economy, and constantly expanding overseas markets.

Large-scale enterprises in China generally have a strict system, which is not conducive to the development under the thinking of the Internet. There is an urgent need for people with Internet thinking to open up the Internet market. As China's large and small businesses are seriously uneven, increasing supervision is also the key to promoting the healthy development of the instrumentation industry. During this period, companies that avoid short-term development as their goal will be avoided because they are greedy for immediate interests and disrupt the market, affecting the rapid development of the instrumentation industry. Among them, special attention should be paid to the quality of the products and the production of instrumentation equipment that meets the needs of modern development.

The quality of instrumentation products is an important factor influencing its development in the market. It needs to be clearly understood here: As the instrumentation industry belongs to the emerging field of high technology, its development cannot be separated from the constraints of economic laws, and the instrument structure becomes more complex. The higher the degree of electromechanical integration, the more the mechanization and automation of processing technology are required to have certain strength to be able to produce high-quality equipment. Therefore, large-scale production and automation are necessary conditions for product quality assurance. This puts forward more stringent requirements for instrument and meter manufacturers, and it is also an important part of the gap between China's instrumentation industry and the advanced countries.

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