How to judge whether the magnetic separator is running?

Magnetic separator is used in the recycling of powdered mitochondria remove iron powder, magnetic separator is widely used in other recycling factory, timber, mining, ceramic industry, chemical, food, suitable for magnetic particle size below 3mm iron, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, titanium, iron and other materials, wet magnetic separation, but also for coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials like iron work, is the most widely used industry, high versatility One of the models.

How to judge whether the magnetic separator is running?

A: If you need the exact data, you have to sample the magnetic tube. If you only need a sense, go to the market and buy a strong magnet. When you are producing it, go over the tailings end. Let's do this.

In addition, the magnetic separation machine magnetic separation effect is not 100%, has been running, but the difference between large and small.

B: The black mark on both sides of the drum can reflect the recovery effect of the magnetic separator. In addition, by hand touching the magnetic separator overflow, it can be judged that the magnetic separator is recovered well.

C: Take one liter of magnetic separation tailings, let stand for 5 minutes, then tie a strong magnet with a wire, sink into the bottom of the measuring cylinder, carry out adsorption, take it out after one minute, observe and compare.

D: Take a strong magnet and go back and forth several times in the magnetic separator tailings to see how much the belt is introduced, but the number of trips is best the same, very simple!

E: Be a stand-alone test, but it is a little troublesome to sample and test.

F: Sampling, magnetic separation tube magnetic separation experiment, detecting the amount of tailings medium, and whether it is sprayed with water spray from the drum. If it is not clean, observe whether there is black along the tailings flow along the tailings. Line flow, black line is the medium that runs away. Pay attention to the reasonable adjustment of the flow according to the technical parameters of the magnetic separator, as well as the granularity control.

G: The magnetic separator is finally in the slime. The magnetic content per ton of the magnetic separator can be calculated by detecting the magnetic content of the slime.

H: Look at the overflow and the flower is not. Generally, if the overflow height exceeds the height of the two fingers of the dam, it will run.

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