How much does the hidden function of the vehicle's inherent configuration know?

For the car owners, the role of some of the inherent configurations of the car is certainly very much understood. Once you know it, you will know where you need to operate the required functions, but it is inevitable that some functions hidden in the car are missed.

Some functions can be used by everyone, and you may not even think that these functions can be used as such. Let's take a look!

1. Use of sun visors


Especially in the summer, the frequency and time of our use of sun visors may be the longest. In general, we are all covering the sun with sun visors. However, do you know? Can the visor be so tampered with? The sunlight will shine on us with the shadows of the surrounding buildings from the angle of traffic. When the sunlight shines from the side, we can pick it up.

2. Adjustment of wiper water nozzle


The wiper water sprayer has been adjusted before leaving the factory and does not need to be adjusted. After a long time of use, the angle of the spray head will also change. At this time, we can use a small needle to insert the inside to adjust the angle. By the way, Apply a spray head to avoid clogging.

3. Adjustment of seat belt position


After we attach the seat belt, if we feel uncomfortable about how to adjust the sitting position, we only need to adjust the position of the seat belt. If the seat belt is not fastened, it may hurt the skin when braking.

4. After the car key is dead


Suppose we go out and find out that the car key is dead or if the car has an electrical system failure that causes the remote control key to malfunction. What should I do? Please do not worry. Many car keys that do not require key entry have hidden mechanical keys. When we pull it out, we can unlock it.

5. Child safety lock


Some cars lock the locks in time and the rear row can still open the doors. Actually, on the door side of the rear door, there is a child safety lock. After the lock, the door cannot be opened from the inside.

6 trunk emergency pull handle


Under normal circumstances, this function cannot be used, but if an emergency situation occurs and the door cannot be opened, the person in the vehicle can escape and then can drop the rear seat and pull the emergency handle from the trunk to escape.

Well, I don't know if there are some small features hidden in the configurations that we often use that have brought us some help. However, knowing more about them may come in handy later.

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