How car paint maintenance is very gentle and fragile

After the collision of the car body, the steel plate of the car is creased, and the varnish layer is easily destroyed. The steel plate is exposed and rusted, and the paint must be repaired and repaired immediately. The paint layer is different from the metal, the hardness is very low, and it is easily damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to use a soft suede, cotton cloth, or a wool brush when cleaning or polishing. Otherwise, scratches will be scraped and it will be self-defeating.

When the car is used for a long time, the paint will inevitably have more or less fading, whitening, and darkness. The general cleaning can reduce the phenomenon of fading; mild fading can be waxed and polished, moderate grinding must be, when serious Only repaint. Nowadays, many people like metallic paint, but they need more care for metal paints, and often polish and wax.

High-performance waxing

After the average person finishes the rough wax, most of them will be marked with fine wax. However, construction in this way does not fully realize the benefits of wax products. Because the previous layer of coarse wax will affect the adhesion of the fine wax of the outer layer and reduce the durability of the fine wax. Therefore, after playing rough wax, it is best to wash the body lightly with clean water and wipe dry, and then apply the appropriate amount of fine wax. At the same time, it is best to wait for a while after applying the fine wax. When the inner wax penetrates into the paint and is slightly dried, it is polished again. This will not only increase its durability, but also make the car show a better luster.

Maintenance inside the car body

Dirty windows can be cleaned with the window detergent in the tank. Of course, they can also be scrubbed with water, but the efficiency is not so high and the brightness is not enough. At the same time, because the oil film cannot be cleaned, the oil film is likely to produce seven-colored flower spots under the sunshine [review picture forum], which affects the driver's sight and must be cleared as soon as possible. There are special glass detergents on the market. If you spray a layer of window glass condensate, it is even better.

In more hot areas, the window glass must have reflective film protection. Some cars have been equipped with a protective film on the car, and laminated glass is used to sandwich the protective film in the middle of the glass. This is the best solution.

Cleaning tires

Like the body needs beauty, the tires are more likely to get dirty due to direct contact with the ground. Dust and soil are rinsed with water. However, if bitumen, oil, etc. stick to it, it cannot be washed out. There is now a special pressure tank type tire cleaning agent, which can be dissolved as soon as it is sprayed on the side of the tire and makes the tires look brand new.

Maintenance of window glass

In-vehicle sanitation should be the owner's daily cleaning of the ashtray, wiping the windows, picking up the instrument panel, taking care of the mats, and pedaling. Secondly, limousines are mostly leather seats, leather is a natural thing, chemical cleaning agent can not just spray up, should use strong alkaline cleaning agent, like soapy water and the like, after washing with a cotton paper towel dry.

As for fabric seats, disposal is relatively simple. It is recommended that the new car be maintained and cleaned when it is bought, and must be dried immediately so that no water is left inside. Usually use professional protective agents to clean and protect, otherwise, colorful is very ugly.


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