Germination box shortens seed germination time, saving effort

Seed germination refers to a series of ordered physiological processes and morphogenesis processes in which seeds begin to swell. Seed germination requires a suitable temperature, moderate amount of moisture and sufficient air. As long as one of the conditions is not met, it will curb the physiological activities of the seeds, delay the germination of the seeds, and even cause the seeds to not germinate. Therefore, in the seed germination experiment, in order to shorten the seed germination time, it is necessary to create environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity required for different seed germination. The germination box is a constant temperature and humidity device dedicated to seed germination. The application of the device can effectively shorten the seed germination time, and is efficient and labor-saving.

The germination box is a seed germination test and batch germination equipment developed for seed companies of different scales, agricultural materials, seedlings, and seed inspection departments. In general, the germination box has functions such as temperature control, humidity control, and light simulation, which can provide a good germination environment for seed germination. Under the control of equipment, different seed germination conditions can be satisfied, and the seeds are suitable. Under the environmental catalysis, not only the germination is smoother, but also the germination time is shorter than the conventional germination, and the germination effect is better, which greatly satisfies the needs of seed research, inspection and production.

The seed germination box developed by Top Yunong not only has the functions of temperature control, humidity control and light control of the common germination box, but also realizes intelligent networking, and the data can be automatically collected and uploaded, and the subsequent research and analysis are carried out. In addition, in terms of experimental safety, Top Yunon Germination Box has an ultra-warm sensor abnormal protection function, which can effectively ensure the safety of instruments and samples. Top Yunon offers different sizes of germination boxes, each with capacity of 268L, 310L, 400L, 500L and 1000L, which can meet the seed germination requirements of different scenes. If necessary, please contact us.

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Harden process for valve seat : 1. HVOF


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