Fast, strong, provincial first choice: and see how Xichai grabs people's hearts and seizes the market

Oil prices have always been the most concerned issue for all card friends, and the level of oil prices has directly affected their income levels. However, from the price of more than 4,000 tons of oil last year to more than 7,000 this year, starting at 4.3 yuan / L in the first month of 2018, all the way soared to 7.18 yuan / L or even 8 yuan / L, diesel prices nearly doubled, but transportation The cost has not risen, which has caused many card friends to break their hearts. So, how to improve the profit of card friends and increase their income has become a problem. Today, Master Liu Enjin “disappeared” and solved this problem for all of you.

"I feel that the income in the past six months is not bad. It is better than other drivers. I can earn 200 more for a trip." Master Liu told reporters that the car he is using is liberating JH6 , and the secret to his success is the star product-- Xichai Aowei CA6DM3-50E5 engine.

Liu Enjin and his liberation JH6 Liu Enjin and his liberation JH6

Fuel-saving tin firewood catches people's hearts

It is said that the engine is the heart of the truck. The quality of the engine determines the quality of the truck. It is also related to the income of the truck driver. "Now the oil price is so high, which driver doesn't want to use a fuel-efficient engine? The money saves the last time you get into the pocket." At present, Liu's transportation route is from Shandong to Hebei Chengde, about 700 kilometers away.趟 Saves 200 yuan in oil money than other cars. "My car has been driving for about 15,000 kilometers now, and it costs about 2,000 yuan to save money. It is a well-deserved king of fuel!"

In the era of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, Xichai is focusing on fuel-saving technology. It is reported that the Xichai Aowei CA6DM3 engine has undergone a new design and accurate calculations to ensure the most reasonable matching of the structures, ensuring a lower fuel consumption. At the same time, the four-valve overhead camshaft structure and the unique FCCT combustion control technology ensure that the gas supply is sufficient and the fuel atomization is sufficient; at the best timing, the optimal number of jets is injected at the optimal combustion chamber space. The fuel has achieved the effect of complete combustion, achieving the engine's strength and fuel economy.

Fuel economy is the biggest appeal of every truck driver from beginning to end, and Xichai has seen this, grabbed the hearts of the people and occupied the market. This is like taking the right medicine and hitting it.

Xichai CA6DM3, the product of the high horsepower market

Perhaps just “savings cards” can't make the Xichai CA6DM3-50E5 engine firmly stand in the footsteps of many big brands. For the engine, the strong power is equally important. In this respect, the Xichai CA6DM3 engine will never Will be inferior.

"When I used to run the route from Shandong to Inner Mongolia, the altitude of more than 1,200 meters was completely unfashionable. It was like running the plains, and the power was fast. Now running Chengde, climbing those hillsides is effortless, no How to add the gas door, the car will go up, the veritable climbing king!" Master Liu said proudly.

Long-distance heavy-duty transportation, the truck is not working hard!

According to the development trend of the high horsepower market, Xichai launched the Xichai CA6DM3 product. Its maximum horsepower can reach 500 horsepower and the maximum torque is 2300Nm. In addition, it matches the CA12TAX230M3 full aluminum shell overspeed gearbox. The drive axle is an upgraded version of 457. Bridge, speed ratio 3.727, which is also very leading in the entire engine market! Such a strong power chain match will definitely bring a different driving experience to the card friends.

Xichai CA6DM3 Xichai CA6DM3

At the end of the interview, Master Liu said to the reporter: "To tell the truth, like our profession, it is always full of danger, steep mountain roads, Tibetan plateaus, dark night roads, these are inevitable. Choosing a good car will avoid many problems and dangers, and the perfect combination of FAW Jiefang JH6 and Xichai CA6DM3 is worthy of my trust."

In summary, the Xichai CA6DM3 engine is in the leading position of similar products in terms of economy, power, reliability and durability, which is why Xichai Aowei products are trusted by users.

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