Explosion-proof heads are more used in our industrial production

Social development and people's needs in the field of surveillance have determined that future explosion-proof heads will be more widely used in our industrial environment. Reasonable choice of transmission methods for high-definition video surveillance systems can effectively increase the cost-effectiveness of our actual installation. In the network transmission, the main limitation comes from the bandwidth. The optical fiber technology is the best solution to solve the bandwidth problem, and makes the network transmission also become another best choice for long-distance audio and video transmission.
Each technology has its own characteristics and application level. In the past, because optical fiber transmission has the advantages of small attenuation, wide frequency band, no electromagnetic interference, and good confidentiality, fiber-optic line transmission was once the best way to solve high-speed transmission of long-distance video surveillance. With the rapid development of network technologies, various broadband networks are emerging in an endless stream. In addition to the Gigabit bandwidth of the private fiber-optic network established by enterprises, the local area network is gradually developing towards 1000M and 10000M. Meanwhile, major carriers are also developing EPON and GPON. The network makes the bandwidth reach more than Gbit. All of these provide a better carrier for the high-definition transmission of high-definition explosion-proof heads in the network.
Explosion-proof integrated explosion-proof camera technology is developed from ordinary explosion-proof PTZ technology, abandon the ordinary functions of the portable device, display interface and storage equipment of ordinary explosion-proof cameras, and only retains the camera function suitable for CCTV monitoring. The general civilian integrated machine motor Short life, when the camera takes a long time, it will stop on its own, but the strong US use one machine generally requires 24 hours of non-stop shooting, the motor, video time requirements are relatively high, single from the camera part, of course, its price is also better than ordinary civilian All-in-one machines must be high. If only the low cost is required, it will affect the effective monitoring of the security system.
Most of the explosion-proof cameras are faced with such problems as bad environment, remoteness, harsh installation conditions, and wide monitoring range. The traditional split-type explosion-proof camera is limited by its large size, complex installation and debugging, simple functions, and slow speed of the gimbal, and its technical performance such as explosion-proof protection grade and operation stability are subject to corresponding restrictions. Shenzhen Qiangmei developed an explosion-proof cloud. The platform incorporates a pan/tilt, a shroud, and a decoder equal to one. The standard explosion-proof cameras with all-weather accessories such as heaters, fans, sunshades, and wipers solve these problems. Most of the manufacturers interviewed stated that the explosion-proof integrated cameras that combine the PTZ, cameras, decoders, and infrared lights are very popular among users.

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