Donganshan Iron Ore Concentrator (1)

The plant was put into operation in 1958 with a design scale of 5 million t/a and a crushing system capacity of 6 million t/a.
(1) The nature of the ore: iron ore Donganshan Anshan metal deposition metamorphic iron deposit. Ore processing plant for hematite quartzite. The main iron minerals are illusory hematite and semi-artificial hematite; the gangue minerals are mainly quartz , followed by hornblende and chlorite. The ore has an obvious strip-like structure with a finer particle size. The pseudo-hematite is self-shaped crystal, the particle size is generally 0.02~0.2mm; the quartz is semi-automorphic crystal, and the particle size is generally 0.02~0.2 mm. The phase analysis of the ore and the multi-element analysis of the ore are shown in the following table:

The ore geological grade is 33.45% and the harvested grade is 32.5%. The ore has a hardness of 12 to 18, an ore density of 3.4 t/m 3 , an ore loose density of 2.0 t / m 3 , and an ore moisture content of 2.3%.

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