Domestic cast bearing industry will gradually strengthen

Domestic cast bearing industry will gradually strengthen Under the guidance of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", China's bearing casting industry has formulated a plan for the development of the industry. Formulated guidelines for the development of the domestic mold industry with projects and exporting two carriages.

It is reported that under the drive of rail transit, medical equipment, new energy, aerospace, automotive lightweighting, and rail transit, the level of China's bearing casting industry has obviously improved. The bearing foundry industry has actively explored emerging markets while stabilizing the traditional market. Even marginal markets that were ignored in the past have also been developed.

According to the current level of development of the bearing casting industry, through the cooperation of the government and the casting bearing enterprises, with relevant experts predict that by 2015, China's high-end bearing casting industry sales will reach 222 billion yuan, China's high-end casting bearing industry Progress is obvious. Coupled with the production of low-end cast bearing products, the output of the cast bearing industry in China will reach a great power position in the world. By that time, China's casting bearing industry has been greatly improved both in terms of output and quality. This trend suggests that China's casting bearing industry will soon enter the ranks of the world's major countries.

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