Determination of storage time

(1) Meaning of storage time The meaning of storage time is:

Where T———the storage time, d (or h or min);
Q 0 ———The storage capacity of the storage bin, t;
Q———The amount of discharge from the storage bin, t/d (or t/h or t/min).
(Ii) The method of determining ore storage time due to the different mining, crushing and screening plants, processing plants, sintering plants, refineries, and other users of the product position, the condition is also arranged bunker difference; the other hand, since the plant Factors such as different production scales, different production processes, and different topographical conditions of the plant area may also cause differences in the layout and storage time of the mine.
The specific factors affecting the storage time of various ore bins in the concentrating plant are: the difference between the mine and the raw ore transportation operations of the raw materials and the working system of the concentrator; the contradiction between the continuously balanced product production and the intermittent operation of the transport products; the input and output facilities Special effects, such as storms and snow, natural disasters, temporary special tasks of the country, etc.; interactions between the operations of the ore dressing plant, such as differences in operating rates of various processes, equipment accidents, equipment maintenance, etc. Through the investigation and statistical analysis of these factors, it is possible to determine the storage time of various mineral deposits in the concentrator. Two statistical methods are introduced.
A diarrhea statistical method The diarrhea statistical method is a method for calculating the storage time T by the unbalanced accumulation amount of the loading amount Q 1t and the effluent amount Q t of a storage silo in a certain factory. The calculation procedure is as follows: :

Where T——— storage time, d (or h);
t——— dimensionless (time dependent), t=1, 2, 3, ..., n;
W xt --- total accumulation;
W xx ———Maximum accumulation;
W xy ———minimum accumulation;
W———unbalanced cumulative amount;
Q 1t ———loading amount;
Q t ——— shed amount;
n———The total number of statistical time. [next]
The statistical calculation chart of the diarrhea statistical method is shown in the figure below.

B. Comprehensive Statistical Method The comprehensive statistical method is a statistical analysis of a wide range of concentrating plants, and the time of storage of various mineral deposits in the concentrator is obtained. The statistical analysis steps are as follows: Calculate the actual storage time of various mineral deposits in the statistical ore dressing plant according to formula (1); then calculate the required ore storage of various mineral deposits in the ore dressing plant according to formulas (2) to (6). Time; also check the statistical report of the plant to analyze whether there has been a situation that affects the production because the mine is full or mine-free, and carefully analyze whether the cause of the situation is due to management, special circumstances or due to the volume of the mine. If it is too small (that is, the storage time is too short), the reasonable storage time of various mines of the investigated factory is finally determined. After investigation and research on a large number of concentrating plants, the general rule of storage time of various mineral warehouses in the concentrator can be obtained.
(3) The storage time of the ore storage bins determines the total storage time of the ore bins and intermediate bins (including grinding bins) of the ore dressing plant is generally 2 to 6 days, and the storage time of the product bins is generally 2 ~30 days. In order to reduce construction costs, some large and medium-sized beneficiaries often set up low-cost ground-type intermediate storage mines (mines), and their storage time is generally about 2 days. When setting up the intermediate storage bin, it is not necessary to set up the ore storage bin, and the ore storage time of the grinding bin should be appropriately reduced. Small ore dressing plants and some medium-sized ore dressing plants generally do not have intermediate storage bins. In this case, the ore storage time of the ore deposits or grinding bins can be appropriately increased.

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