Design concept of three roller gates, wing gates, swing gates and full height gates

Three-roll gates, wing gates, swing gates, and full height turnstiles are the most common security gates and are widely used in various public places. Because the specific environment of each site is different, the applicability and practicality of security gates are considered when designing security gates. Maintenance, safety, and other aspects need to establish a unified standard to pave the way for the wide application of products. Our technical staff now summarizes the design concepts of the company's three-roll gate and wing gates as follows:
A: The absolute safety of three-roll gates, wing gates, swing gates, and full height turnstiles: This is the first consideration in any product design;
II: Stability of the three-roll gate, wing gate, swing gate, and full-height brake system: After ensuring the absolute safety of the product, the stability of the entire movement and the control system must be considered. Only a stable system can ensure normal passage. In the operation of the machine;
Three: The movement and the control part need to consider the humanity of the passage, and make corresponding rules based on the public's usage habits in terms of induction time, sensing position, sensing distance, etc., and the principle of universal communication is more convenient for users.
Four: Three-roll gates, wing gates, swing gates, and full-height gates are designed taking into account the overall design coordination. The following aspects should be noted:
1: Gate material needs waterproof, sun protection, cold resistance, high temperature, the company's gate machine using 304 stainless steel sheet stamping molding, rust-proof, durable, to meet the normal use of most cases;
2: Three-roll gates, wing gates, swing gates, and full-height turnstiles can be used in conjunction with other types of channel products, which has a very important significance in the overall layout of the venue;
3: The design of the gate movement is stable, reasonable and reliable, with low noise and long service life;
4: Ultra-thin high-speed movements can be selected to form ultra-thin channels with a more concise and beautiful appearance and a higher space utilization rate;
5: Fast track gates should use several pairs of infrared sensors to prevent pedestrians from illegally entering the gate gates and ensure that pedestrians pass through the gates safely;
6: Three-roll gates, wing gates, swing gates, and full-height gates should have standard and uniform external electrical interfaces, which can be freely connected with various read-write devices and facilitate system integration;
7: Wing doors open automatically very quickly, effectively prevent tailgating, and improve the speed of travel;
8: In the event of a sudden situation (such as power failure), the wing door will open automatically and form a transparent passage. The personnel can quickly pass through the gate and evacuate the personnel as soon as possible;
9: Three-roll gates, wing gates, swing gates, and full-height gates can be equipped with direction-indicating LED lights to show luxury traffic signs, which will facilitate the flow of people;
10: With anti-backlash function, when the pedestrian enters the channel from the opposite direction, it immediately alarms;
11: With anti-trailing function, to prevent an excessive number of non-permissible situations, to eliminate such uncivilized phenomena;
12: Should have the function of automatic reset, that is, after obtaining the permission to pass the gate, there is no over-lock in the set time, the gate will automatically cancel this permission, and return to the initial state;
13: Three-roll gates, wing gates, swing gates, full-height gates should have a personalized installation interface, compatible with IC, ID cards and other smart cards to meet the needs of non-places;
14: Has a certain ability to expand, can be extended to an automatic identification system in different environments, to achieve access control, attendance, charges, face recognition, bar code identification, fingerprint identification, community fingerprint identification, card recognition, card recognition , prison face recognition, school fast track and other functions;
15: Because the design concept and technology of foreign gates are at the forefront of the world, we must join the advanced concept of three-roll gates, wing gates, swing gates and full-height gates in the design to meet the market demand. To carry out technological innovation, in order to provide our clients with better products.

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