Deer European Market Ningde will debut at the 2017 European Battery Show

The 2017 BATTERY SHOW EUROPE will be held April 4-6, 2017 in Sindelfingen, Stuttgart, Germany. As a leading global power battery company, Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ningde Times”) will carry out the full line of products after the THEBATTERY SHOW North American Exhibition.

The successful holding of the first seven exhibitions made THE BATTERY SHOW North American Exhibition the leading international exhibition in the power battery and energy storage industry. This year, THE BATTERY SHOW will move to the German car town Sindelfingen for the first time, and will attract manufacturers, well-known car makers and technical experts from the European battery industry to come and visit.

Ningde Times will debut at the 2017 European Battery Show Ningde Times will debut at the 2017 European Battery Show

“European car companies have successively issued plans for the future development of electric cars as the core plan. Germany is the birthplace of the automotive industry. Sindfingen was born with world-renowned car companies such as Daimler and Porsche. It is also a new technology and new The gathering place of the products,” said Robert Galyen, CTO of Ningde Times, will take the opportunity to share with customers the advanced technology accumulation and insights in the field of power batteries.

In addition, Bo Koren will give a speech on the topic of smart battery manufacturing and standardization at a professional conference on the exhibition floor. He will also serve as the chairman of the International Battery Standards Steering Committee and will give a welcome speech at the opening ceremony of the exhibition on April 5.

During the exhibition, the stand design in the Ningde Times continued the popular “Blue+White” style of the North American Battery Show last year, delivering green and environmental protection concepts. The exhibited exhibits mainly include self-developed battery-powered, start-stop, and micro-hybrid battery packs for passenger cars, standard battery packs for commercial vehicles, 5.2C fast-charge products, and a single 240Ah for power storage applications. Capacity cell. From the batteries and modules to the vehicle battery packs, Ningde will fully demonstrate its ability to provide customers with one-stop solutions.

The Ningde era is the only company in China that provides power battery systems to foreign passenger car companies and has established cooperative relationships with such well-known overseas car companies as BMW and PSA. At present, Ningde Times has set up R&D and sales centers in Germany and France to provide fast localization services for the entire European market.

In 2016, shipments reached 6.8 GWh in the Ningde era, becoming China's third largest power producer in the world and the second largest in the domestic market. With profound technical precipitation, Ningde Times has won numerous awards such as the National Scenery Storage and Loss Demonstration Project, the National Twelve Five-Year Key New Energy Vehicle Industry Technology Innovation Enterprise, and the National Science and Technology Progress Award.

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