Deepen service promotion cooperation Meichi Axle Fukuda Daimler training notes

On July 16th, 2018, it was learned that the Mercedes Axle Service Training Team walked into Foton Daimler to conduct a five-day professional car bridge knowledge explanation and axle maintenance training. More than 100 people participated in the training.
Mercedes Axle Mercedes Axle
The foundation must be based on theoretical knowledge to be a pioneer

In order to better maintain the axles, the basic theoretical knowledge of the axles is essential.

Mercedes Axle Mercedes Axle

The instructors of the Mercedes Axle service team prepared a wealth of materials, and gave an in-depth introduction and explanation of the types, product construction, product features, and details and skills that should be paid attention to during maintenance. Watching the maintenance video on the spot, we strive to make people understand the Mercedes-Benz axle from different angles and different levels, and theoretically grasp the theory of axle theory more deeply.

Axle theory Axle theory

Brain and hands-on theory practice needs to be combined

"If you don't practice it, you don't have a voice." Mercedes-Benz service technicians have specially conducted on-site maintenance practice training, and taught how to properly maintain and maintain the Mercedes-Benz axles, especially some key parts, to ensure everyone. Really understand the maintenance and repair skills of Meritor Bridge and be able to carry out maintenance and repair independently.

Mercedes Axle Maintenance and Maintenance Mercedes Axle Maintenance and Maintenance

I have to take the test to check

Practice is true, and assessment is the most critical. After training in theory and practice, the final level is a test. Meritor's axle service team cooperated with Foton Daimler to optimize the test papers for training, in order to better meet the requirements of Foton Daimler's trainers; at the same time, the actual operation of the site was also assessed to ensure that the students are still in theory or In practice, they are truly qualified to better serve end users.

Trainer test Trainer assessment

With the concept of quality products and excellent service, Foton Daimler has extremely high requirements for service stations and service personnel. This Mercedes-Benz maintenance training has further strengthened the service theory and technical operation capabilities of service personnel. Better service to end users, enhance product experience, and enhance the brand image of Foton Daimler and Merit's axles among users.

The training was highly recognized by Foton Daimler. In the future, with the further cooperation between the two parties, Meritor Bridge will provide more professional and comprehensive training.

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