Deep integration of cutting-edge technology, SAIC Hongyan promotes hydrogen energy development in heavy truck industry

On November 16th, sponsored by the Strategic Consulting Center of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the People’s Government of Qingdao Lishui District, and the Qingdao Development and Reform Commission, the “Qingdao International Academician-Hong Kong Collaborative Innovation Achievements Exhibition and Docking Cooperation Seminar” hosted by Qingdao International Academician Port Qingdao International Academician Port Conference Center was held. The theme of this symposium is “Collaborative Innovation, Cooperation, and Win-Win”. Through the United Nations, companies engaged in fuel cell, new energy, and autonomous driving technologies will conduct in-depth exchanges on how to promote the cooperation between industry, academia and research, and build a sound industrial chain. Explore. SAIC Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SAIC Hongyan”) attended the seminar with its Hongyan fuel cell dump truck, which triggered the onlookers and media.

In the development process of electrification, hydrogen fuel cells are favored by many car companies based on their characteristics of no carbon, wide sources and renewable energy, and they are gradually emerging in the global electrification structure. Therefore, the development of hydrogen fuel cells has become one of the main directions of China's electrification development, and will also optimize China's energy consumption structure and further promote energy conservation and emission reduction. As a heavy truck enterprise adhering to the concept of “protecting the blue sky and coexisting with nature”, SAIC Hongyan has always taken environmental responsibility as its responsibility, actively responding to the national call, relying on SAIC Group's forward-looking technology and IVECO advanced heavy-duty truck technology to build a red rock fuel cell dump truck. Preemptively deploy the fuel cell heavy truck market.

Compared with the general characteristics of the heavy-duty fuel cell battery in the market, the power is weak, the power is weak, and the low-temperature state cannot be started. The red rock fuel cell dump truck is equipped with the industry's largest power motor system, and the actual maximum power can reach 352Kw, which matches the AMT transmission. And work in conjunction with the slope sensor to improve the shift comfort of the whole vehicle ramp and greatly reduce the operating energy consumption.

In addition, the SAC Group's self-developed fuel cell is equipped with world-class metal bipolar plates and a leading low-temperature start-up strategy. It can be self-started at -30 °C without external heating; The structure design of the stack and the optimization of the system strategy can also realize the self-humidification function and reduce the cost of the fuel cell system.

In addition to energy efficiency, high integration is also a highlight. The entire fuel cell system adopts a modular design, and some parts share the housing and the installation structure is modularized. The whole system is composed of multiple modules, which can adapt to the front compartment layout requirements of the vehicle. Functional modularity, embedded integration, modular integration, sensor integration and controller integration are also achieved through functional modularity and embedded integration.

What is more commendable is that the fuel cell system is completely developed by SAIC Group. It not only reflects the strong R&D strength of SAIC, but also shows the “China Power” in the world of fuel cell technology. For China, the development of fuel cell vehicles can be said to be both challenges and opportunities. As the general manager of SAIC Hongyan Lou Jianping said: "The history of 54 years, the inheritance is the spirit of Hongyan, and the spirit of Hongyan is tough, to dare to shine the sword, to talk about the bloody battle. Only dare to innovate As a first heavy-duty joint venture in China, SAIC Hongyan will keep up with the pace of the times and continue to deepen the field of heavy-duty fuel cells, constantly improving fuel cell technology and building a leading domestic market. The world-class fuel cell industry chain promotes the commercialization of new energy heavy trucks. The red rock fuel cell dump truck was unveiled in Qingdao, and it is also the most practical measure for SAIC Hongyan to help Qingdao build and promote the commercialization of new energy. (This article is from SAIC Hongyan)

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