Dean of the Agricultural Machinery Academy Wang Bo: Actively driving domestic agricultural machinery and equipment to “go out” with points and face

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] On the afternoon of October 13, 2017, Wang Bo, President of the China Agricultural Machinery Institute, was invited to participate in the special symposium on the agricultural machinery and equipment going out of the Ministry of Agriculture. The meeting was chaired by Yang Yi, Director of the Foreign Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the International Cooperation of the Ministry of Agriculture. The division, the Agricultural Machinery Division, the Agricultural Machinery Identification Station, the Agricultural Technology Extension Station, the China Agricultural Mechanization Association, the well-known research institutes and the key enterprises in the industry appointed representatives to participate in the discussion.
"Agriculture going out" is an important part of the country's "going out" strategy. It is an important way to solve the bottlenecks of resource shortage, population growth, market distortion, agricultural product energyization and financialization. Director Yang Yi pointed out that “agricultural machinery going out” is one of the key areas of concern for “going out of agriculture” in recent years. As a national strategy, “agriculture going out” not only extends China’s advanced agricultural productivity to overseas, but also produces more Agricultural products, more importantly, expand China’s influence in the international agricultural field and increase its voice in the international trade of agricultural products. As an important part of the agricultural industry, agricultural machinery enterprises are an important support and main support for “agriculture going global”. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for China's industry. Director Yang Yi said that in recent years, with the proposal of the “Belt and Road” construction initiative, China's agricultural foreign investment cooperation has continued to be active, which will further drive the agricultural machinery and equipment to “go out”. The agricultural machinery industry has broad prospects and great potential.
In his speech, President Wang Bo said that as an important agricultural machinery research platform of the country, in the past year, under the national “One Belt and One Road” initiative and the “Agricultural Going Global” strategy, the Chinese Agricultural Machinery Institute has actively played agricultural cultivation, animal husbandry, and agricultural products. The advantages of processing equipment design and production, as well as the design, construction and operation of complete sets of projects, are relying on projects with certain potential in key countries, and actively promote domestic agricultural machinery and agricultural products processing equipment and their complete sets of projects to “go out”. Foreign cooperation in the field of agricultural and livestock production and processing in the entire industrial chain.
On the "agricultural machinery going out", President Wang Bo suggested that first, the targeted development of agricultural machinery and equipment for key national products will be carried out; second, the focus will be on localization through the supply of agricultural products processing equipment and the localization of Daejeon agricultural machinery. Sustainable development; Third, the unified layout, the establishment of the "Agricultural Going Global" project platform at the national level, the agricultural machinery export and agricultural industry to go out through the general contracting of agricultural projects; Fourth, it is hoped that the Ministry of Agriculture will take the lead in formulating regionalized market planning. Establish regional agricultural demonstration centers to strengthen the establishment of export product quality supervision and training systems.
At the symposium, representatives of the participating parties discussed the current situation, current situation, main practices and existing problems of “farmers going out” and made suggestions.
Wang Hua, Director of the International Cooperation and Outreach Department of the Institute, and Song Haihao, Deputy General Manager of the China Insurance Company, attended the forum.

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