Cultivate the new impetus of modern agricultural development with informatization

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] With the gradual implementation of the overall deployment of the Party Central Committee, the State Council Network Powerful Country Strategy, the "Internet +" Action Plan, and the Big Data Development Action Plan, the Internet has increasingly become the development of modern agriculture, cultivating new farmers and building The era background, development environment and new tools of the new socialist countryside.

Cultivate the new impetus of modern agricultural development with informatization

Human beings have experienced the agricultural revolution and the industrial revolution, and are experiencing the information revolution. The Internet is having a profound impact on the political, economic, cultural, social and ecological fields at home and abroad. With the gradual implementation of the overall deployment of the Party Central Committee, the State Council's network power strategy, the "Internet +" action plan, and the big data development action plan, the Internet has increasingly become the background of the development of modern agriculture, the cultivation of new farmers, and the construction of a new socialist countryside. , development environment and new tools. In order to fulfill the duties of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” in the current and future period, we must adapt to this general trend, vigorously implement the network strong farming strategy, promote the deep integration of agricultural modernization and informatization, and promote Internet thinking and Internet technology in agriculture and rural work. The comprehensive application of the "Internet +" continues to draw a new impetus for the development of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers".
First of all, we must pay attention to the new power of national food security from the "Internet +". First, we must use "Internet +" to improve the comprehensive production capacity of food. With the gradual acceleration of the urbanization process, the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend and the gradual approximation of the aging society, the issue of "who will plant the land" has become increasingly prominent, and more use of "Internet +" to improve the intelligence, automation and automation of agriculture. Level is the only way. At present, the problems that should be urgently pursued include: through independent innovation, large-scale production and policy support, to solve the shortcomings of low quality, high price and sustainable development of agricultural IoT equipment; Data integration and technology integration of existing major special work such as pest and disease early warning and prevention of the Internet of Things, to solve the problem of information fragmentation and islanding in all fields of agriculture, and strive to improve the level of agricultural intelligence-assisted analysis and decision-making as a whole; And system theory, develop agricultural mechanization operation mode based on navigation system and geographic information system, break the state of simple switching between man-made and mechanical, and install the "Internet +" wisdom eye for agricultural mechanization. The second is to use the "Internet +" to improve the ability to judge the food supply and demand situation. From the practice at home and abroad, very few market economy developed countries "speak with data" to lead the international agricultural product market "one big share" has been protracted, and China must move from a large agricultural country to a strong agricultural country, using "Internet +" to develop agricultural Data is a strategic highland that must be valued. In the collection channel, it is necessary to make full use of modern technologies and carriers such as mobile terminals, sensors, and satellite remote sensing, and solve the problem of incomplete data through new methods such as network-based agricultural data intelligent capture, multi-source data integration and technology mining. In the collection of content, it is necessary to extend from production supply side monitoring to demand side monitoring, and collect data on grain production, circulation, consumption, etc., and promote the construction of global agricultural data survey collection and analysis system, and use cloud computing and big data to open up the whole agricultural industry. chain. In the method of research and judgment, we must pay more attention to the combination of data analysis, model analysis, computer simulation and intelligent judgment to develop a monitoring and early warning method system suitable for China's national conditions. The third is to use the "Internet +" to improve the ability to create and implement food policies. In the process of policy formulation, we should use "Internet +" to understand the needs of policy audiences, especially to fully collect opinions and suggestions from agricultural production and management entities to improve the direction and operability of policies. In the process of policy implementation, we should use "Internet +" to improve transparency, promote the implementation of policy implementation, and timely identify disposal issues. After the implementation of the policy, we should use the "Internet +" to carry out policy performance evaluation, use the network public opinion monitoring and information collection feedback, and use the big data analysis method to objectively evaluate the policy implementation, and then optimize the policy development process and content.
Second, we must pay attention to the new power of agricultural market supervision from the "Internet +". From an international perspective, the use of agricultural product quality and safety traceability technology to build a coordinated agricultural product quality and safety management mechanism is an effective way to strengthen the supervision of agricultural products market. Focusing on the goal of building a nationwide industrial chain quality and safety traceability system, there are three urgent tasks: First, based on the international OID unified coding and labeling system, speeding up the unified coding of agricultural products in China, and establishing an “identity card” system for agricultural products. Establish a national traceability system to provide basic technical support. Second, through management innovation and business process innovation, using the Internet of Things and other monitoring technologies and information technology to explore the information of pre-production, mid-production and post-production links of agricultural docking, and provide regulatory data support for the construction of the whole traceability system. The third is to establish and improve a nationwide agricultural product quality and safety traceability platform for producers, managers and consumers, and achieve a one-stop service for the society.
From the current situation, "Internet +" is more realistic and direct for improving the supervision ability of the agricultural resources market. First, we must use the "Internet +" to better practice the thinking of public opinion, and use information technology to improve the convenience of complaints and reports from farmers and new agricultural operators, so that users themselves become a living force in market supervision. Second, we must use the "Internet +" to reconstruct the regulatory process, collect information on the whole process of agricultural asset sales, and build a digital, networked, and intelligent information exchange platform and network service system. Third, we must use the "Internet +" innovation reward and punishment mechanism to implement the national virtual space of joint trustworthiness and untrustworthy joint punishment in the online world, and enlarge the role of "red list" and "blacklist" in market supervision.
Third, we must pay attention to the new power of rural social governance from the "Internet +". First, we must use the "Internet +" to create a new tool for rural social governance. The Internet is a two-way multi-dimensional interactive connection tool that can reduce the cost of finding farmers and improve the administrative efficiency of government departments. Using Internet technology and Internet thinking, it is possible to open up new ways to solve the problems of rural social governance, and find new grasps and solutions in many aspects such as agricultural product marketing, village affairs disclosure, and cultural construction. The second is to use the "Internet +" to explore a new model of rural social governance. Elements such as policy, technology investment, and talents can generate powerful aggregation effects and even “chemical reactions” with the help of “Internet +”, which will lead to new modes of e-government, mobile government, and coordinated government. The third is to use "Internet +" to shape the new structure of rural social governance. The flat social structure of the Internet and the mode of equal dialogue, in order to improve the transparency and efficiency of rural social management, to increase the participation and identity of the peasants in social management, are creating unimaginable changes in the past, and thus making rural society The governance structure is further optimized and upgraded. The fourth is to use the "Internet +" to create a new mechanism for rural social governance. New mechanisms such as government procurement services explored in Suichang and other places may have a milestone impact on transforming government functions and innovating rural social governance mechanisms.

Grain Dryer

With the improvement of grain varieties, the increase in yield and the increase in national investment in grain drying equipment, more and more large, medium and small grain drying facilities are being built. It is very important to choose a dryer with high quality, long service life, economical and practical, good reliability and high degree of automation.

Principle: The hot air drying box adopts a rotary heating device, which can generate a large amount of hot air in a short time. It can kill insect eggs through high temperature treatment and completely solve the discoloration phenomenon in the drying process. The drying box uses metal aluminum Inner wall board, silicone wool insulation, corrugated color steel plate or aluminum alloy outer wall board. Digital control and detection are adopted in the box to make the air circulation and humidification and heating effectively controlled.

1. The use of a unique inside curtain cold trap, the structure is simple and practical.

2. The working temperature of the cold trap is ≤40℃ (optionally ≤60℃, ≤88℃).

3. Refrigeration system adopts famous brand compressor, which has large cooling capacity and low energy consumption.

4. Vacuum series is safe and reliable, and the working vacuum is high.

5. The heating and drying process is automatically controlled, the heating temperature fluctuation is small, and the control is accurate.

6. The moisture content of the product can be as low as 1 to 3%, while maintaining the original color, aroma, taste and nutritional ingredients, and has a long shelf life.

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