Comprehensive recovery process of gold tailings resources in Xiangxi gold mine

Comprehensive Recovery of Xiangxi gold mine tailings gold resources, the recovery of gold-bearing ore complex components and gold-bearing tailings have a very good role model for reference.

Gold-bearing tailings resources in Xiangxi Gold Mine are rare in the world, with fine particles and wrapped gold inlays, and the composition is complex. The recovery of cyanide can Engineering harmful elements antimony, and wrapped in gold micro-fine sulfides, and maximize gold recovery. Using the sulphur dioxide gas discharged from the smelter, the cyanide-containing tailings water is treated to waste treatment and waste, and the process and technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.

Xiangxi Mine has abundant tailings resources. The total amount of three tailings reservoirs is nearly 4 million tons. Among them, the No. 1 reservoir is the old tailings discharged from 1955 to 1968. The average grade of gold, tantalum and tungsten is surveyed. They were 4.18 g/t, 0.174%, and 0.161%, respectively. The industrial production test shows that when the ore grade reaches the average grade, the “flotation gold 锑 + tailings cyanidation” process is adopted, the recovery rate of mineral processing can reach 73.18%, and the strontium can reach 30.5%; The rate is 69.9%, the 锑 is 24%, the annual output of gold is 105 kg, the second is 62 tons, and the annual economic benefit can reach 3.4 million yuan.

Impeller And Diffuser

The part of impeller and Diffuser in electric Petroleum Submersed Pump is a principal component in the pump, which drives the impeller to make high-speed rotation in certain rev by motor. The impeller makes centrifugal movement to transport liquid to the guide shell whose function is to make energy conversion and convey it to the impeller of subordinate grade. Hierarchical conversion and transmission make each grade of impeller and diffuser generate lift increase and accumulate to lift for the whole pump. The impeller and diffusers manufactured by the Group adopt CAD software design and apply CAM five-shaft processing die, ensuring stability and accuracy in molded lines for impeller and diffuser products. Meanwhile, it supplies three hydraulic performance parameters including lift, flow and efficiency in the product of impeller and diffuser for users so as to design the optimal product. Besides, there are products made from different materials such as ferronickel, nickelic abrasion resistant ferronickel, copper alloy, and stainless steel depending on well conditions for users to select, satisfying demands of users for difference in shaft diameter.

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Impeller And Diffuser

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