Chinese Academy of Sciences developed a new type of large size ordered inorganic nanowires

Zhu Yingjie, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, invented a new method for long-range orderly self-assembly of highly flexible hydroxyapatite long nanowires, which realized the long-range orderly self-assembly of hydroxyapatite nanowires from nanoscale to micrometer To the macro-scale continuous rapid self-assembly, successfully developed a new type of large-size ordered structure of inorganic nanowires and flexible fire-resistant fabric, and can be automated rapid preparation. At the same time, the team also achieved a large-volume (5000 ml) lab scale-up for hydroxyapatite long nanowires with an aspect ratio of up to 10,000. Relevant research results have been published in "American Chemical Society - nano". It is reported that the results have applied for national invention patents.

Hard ores and soft fabrics are two completely different types of items, and it's hard to imagine connecting the two. Inorganic non-metallic materials are generally brittle, and making them highly flexible is a big challenge. Inorganic nanofibers, due to their small size and easy agglomeration, act as a mess, making it difficult to weave them into highly ordered structures.

The research team invented the method is very simple, just pre-prepared hydroxyapatite super long nanowire slurry injected into the ethanol syringe, and the rest of the preparation process completely by the "self-assembly" quickly and automatically. The outstanding advantages of this method are simple, rapid, good controllability, environment-friendly and easy batch preparation, which can effectively solve the problem that hydroxyapatite super-long nanowires can easily reunion. The ordered orientation of the prepared nanowires can be controlled by the movement direction of the injection needle; the diameter of the nanowire can be controlled by the size of the injection needle; the length of the nanowire can be controlled by the supply of the hydroxyapatite long nanowire slurry Control, in theory, can reach any length.

Zhu Yingjie researchers said that the use of the above controllable self-assembly strategy can be further controlled by the orderly self-assembly of hydroxyapatite nanowires direction, like woven fibers like weaving a variety of ordered structure of flexible fire-resistant Products, including gauze-like flexible fire-resistant fabric, non-woven flexible fire-resistant fabric, 3D printing of specific shape products. Different from the traditional high-brittle hydroxyapatite materials, the nanowires and the fabrics prepared from hydroxyapatite ultra-long nanowires have high flexibility and can withstand the destructive tests of any bending, folding or even hammering.

Compared with traditional inorganic non-metallic materials such as asbestos and aluminum silicate fibers, hydroxyapatite has higher biosafety, is environment-friendly, does not cause environmental pollution and endanger human health. In addition, the new nanowires and flexible fire-resistant fabrics also have good heat insulation, high temperature resistance, fire retardant and other properties, is expected to be applied to new flame retardant textiles, such as making fire clothes, etc., can also be used for fire insulation materials, thermal insulation Materials, special medical gauze, skin wound dressing, bone fracture fixation, bone defect repair, etc., in many fields has a good prospect.

Hydroxyapatite is a natural mineral, is also the main inorganic component of vertebrate bones and teeth, has excellent biocompatibility, environment-friendly, high temperature resistance, does not burn, and has wide range of uses in the fields of biomedicine and the like. Vertebrate enamel and bone are composed of highly ordered hydroxyapatite crystals, but this in vivo biomineralization process is very slow and usually takes many years, so the process of mimicking enamel and bone growth is a massive challenge. In recent years, researchers synthesized hydroxyapatite ordered structure materials by means of organic molecules, templates or substrates, but these synthetic methods have some limitations. For example, the size of ordered hydroxyapatite structure Smaller, and easy to remove the hard template or substrate caused by the destruction of the ordered structure. Due to the difficulty of preparation, large size highly ordered hydroxyapatite biomimetic materials have rarely been reported. In recent years, Zhu Yingjie team in the hydroxyapatite ordered structural material research carried out a lot of exploration work, for example, the successful preparation of hydroxyapatite nanowire / nanotube ordered array bionic material; synthetic imitation enamel structure close Centimeter-level large-size hydroxyapatite micro-tube ordered array material. The research work is another important progress made in the research of hydroxyapatite biomimetic materials with large size and highly ordered structure.

Hydroxyapatite long nanowires with high flexibility are important raw materials for the production of new inorganic refractory paper. Prior to this, the team conducted an exploration study on the preparation of highly flexible hydroxyapatite ultra-long nanowires. Highly flexible hydroxyapatite nanowires with lengths up to 1000 μm were prepared. The research work is one of the series of new inorganic refractory paper research work, the research team successfully developed a new type of highly flexible hydroxyapatite long nanowire refractory paper, the new highly efficient antibacterial hydroxyapatite long nanowires fire-resistant Paper, as well as new hydroxyapatite long nanowires waterproof fire-resistant paper made after another new important research progress.

At present, the research team is focusing on the application of new inorganic refractory paper. The main research work includes special inorganic refractory paper, heat-resistant label paper, thermal insulation fire-retardant paper, refractory calligraphy drawing paper, functional fire-resistant paper, , Biomedical paper and so on.

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