·China's own brand new car quality in 2017 to tie the international standard

Recently, JD Power Asia Pacific, the American auto rating agency, released the 2015 China New Car Quality Research (IQS) report. The survey results show that the quality of China's own brand cars has improved significantly. It is expected that the quality of new car brands will be the same as that of international brands by 2017. However, some insiders pointed out that the scope of the new car quality research (IQS) survey is the quality problem experienced by the new car purchase within 2-6 months. Therefore, in terms of the whole life cycle of the car, it takes a certain time for the independent brand to catch up with the international brand.
Among the luxury car brands, Porsche ranked first in the quality of new cars, Volvo and Land Rover ranked second and third. Among the mainstream car brands (non-luxury), Beijing Hyundai ranks first in the quality of new cars, and has won four market segments such as compact SUVs and compact high-end cars at the model level. Renault and FAW Mazda are close behind. It is worth noting that the quality of new cars of self-owned brands such as GAC Chuan, Zhongtai, Roewe and Chery are better than the industry average. Among them, GAC Chuanqi has entered the top ten of all mainstream car brands.
The survey shows that the biggest problem of quality gap between independent brands and international brands is engine/transmission system, body appearance and so on. However, the internal complaints of the new brand of the international brand new car, namely audio/communication/entertainment/navigation, are higher than the new car of the own brand. In addition, the top four problems of the frequency of self-owned brands are excessive fuel consumption, excessive tire noise, and the engine is not strong and the wind noise is too large after the air conditioner is turned on.

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