China's agricultural machinery development is uneven and quantitative, and it is the focus of transformation

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] The "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for the Development of Agricultural Mechanization in China" issued by the Ministry of Agriculture recently proposed to promote the transformation and upgrading of agricultural machinery equipment, service organization and operation level to quantity and quality, and promote the whole process and comprehensiveness of agricultural mechanization. High quality and development.
After the vigorous development during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the overall level of China's agricultural mechanization rate has been in the forefront of the world, and the agricultural machinery power level of 0.55 kilowatts per mu has been higher than that of many agricultural developed countries, thus laying a foundation for the development of China's 13th agricultural mechanization. Good foundation.

China's agricultural machinery development is uneven and quantitative, and it is the focus of transformation
On the other hand, there are still many imbalances in the development of agricultural mechanization in China. For example, the gaps in agricultural mechanization rates between different regions and industries are large, the core technology reserves of agricultural machinery and equipment are insufficient, the R&D innovation capability is weak, and the quality and efficiency of agricultural machinery operation services are still low. The problem is getting more and more prominent. If these problems cannot be gradually improved, it may bring the development of China's agricultural mechanization into the embarrassing situation of overcapacity in some areas and low comprehensive production efficiency.
According to the announcement of the 13th Five-Year Plan for Agricultural Machinery Development and a series of related policies, the management has paid great attention to the above issues and made new requirements for the development direction of China's agricultural mechanization in the new period. It is understood that in the "Planning", it has clearly proposed six major tasks to promote the mechanization of major crop production, expand the promotion and application of green environmental mechanization technology, and consolidate the development of agricultural machinery socialization service quality and efficiency, and strengthen the mechanization level of agricultural production. Increasing the comprehensive mechanization rate of major crop cultivation and harvesting is expected to become an important target.
In the specific direction, the mechanization level of grain, cotton, oil and sugar bulk crop production will be the focus, such as transplanting, corn harvesting, potato harvesting, cotton harvesting, etc. The development of mechanized technology in the relatively weak development is expected to increase. In addition, according to the “Planning”, the future policy support for green equipment such as deep-soiling land, fertilization, straw returning to the field, and residual film recycling is also expected to increase, and the design, production and sales of related equipment are expected to receive policy support. . Agricultural machinery listed companies such as Starlight Agricultural Machinery, Xinyan Shares, Yituo Shares, and Jifeng Agricultural Machinery, a large agricultural machinery chain in China, will gain new development space due to the continuous improvement of China's agricultural mechanization.

(Original title: Agricultural Machinery Development Quantities and Policy Segmentation

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