Application of Internet of Things Technology in Smart City Construction

It is understood that in 2008, IBM put forward the concept of smart city. Smart city refers to the city that makes full use of the new technology and its inspiration to transform, upgrade and improve the system, operation and service, and is more intelligent than the traditional city. The concept of a smart city encompasses almost all areas of society and life, including the smart environment, the smart economy, the smart life, the smart citizen, the smart circulation and the smart government. Smart city mainly consists of several aspects such as "data collection, storage, analysis" and so on. The goal is to generate insight from massive data. What are the technical support for the operation of these goals?

First to understand what is a smart city. The essence of a smart city is to make use of advanced information technology to realize the city's smart management and operation so as to create a better life for people in the city and promote the sustainable development of the city. Academician Li Deren pointed out that "Smart City = Internet of Things + Internet". Since the concept of "smart city" has been widely concerned everyone, so far, mainly in the following aspects:

1) "Smart City" is closely linked with the Internet of Things. Internet of things is the "Internet of things connected", which is inseparable from the Internet. The Internet of things is the core of the internet, which is an extension and expansion of the Internet. It will allow any physical object to exchange information and communicate , To achieve the object connected.

2) smart applications. Smart cities have vast amounts of data, and to truly be "smart," cities need to have the capacity to handle massive amounts of data. The current "cloud computing" provides a good solution.

Through cloud computing, combined with Internet technology, smart city through the integration of various types of information, and all kinds of processed information passed out through the network, to achieve resource sharing, the network can achieve the exchange of information between individuals to complete the information Value-added applications.

3) high-tech integration. In order to realize the smart city, many high and new technologies need to be integrated. For example, remote sensing technology, GPS technology and Internet of Things technology are needed for data acquisition. Network technology is required for data transmission and cloud computing and GIS technologies are needed when data processing is performed.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology

With the emergence and popularization of BIM technology, this paper provides a feasible technical route for the digitization of built and new building space.

The full necessity of building digital space can be analyzed from two aspects:

First, when the building floor area ratio on the land exceeds 1: 1, it means that the building area exceeds the land area. The gross floor area of ​​Manhattan in the United States exceeds the area of ​​the land. If the "digital city" does not contain the digitization of a huge building space, this "digital city" is not complete;

Second, human life in two states, one in the house, the second is on the way to another house. On the road by the geographical information services, then to the house how to get better, more intelligent service? Therefore, the digitalization of the building space must be achieved.

With the appearance and development of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, it provides a technical way for us to digitize the building space.

BIM technology brings a second revolution in engineering design and construction. It is a revolution from two-dimensional drawings (CAD) to three-dimensional design and construction (BIM), but also a real revolution in the construction industry. BIM technology will completely change the construction project Design, construction and operation and maintenance methods. At the same time, BIM technology is realizing the complete digitization of the city. The application and influence will be extremely extensive and far-reaching.

Application of Internet of Things Technology in Smart City Construction

(1) wisdom of government affairs

1) To achieve cross-sectoral information sharing and resource integration through the government cloud and government data exchange platform and a sound system of government information resources, and to establish an integrated government resource system.

2) Through the integration of relevant government service resources such as government portals and call centers, government, enterprises and the public can obtain consistent and integrated government services from various sources such as the Internet, telephone and mobile terminals anytime, anywhere.

3) Through the sharing of resources and process integration, we will improve the channels of government service supervision and provide one-stop services for enterprises, other institutions in the society and the public, so as to be able to handle relevant businesses anytime, anywhere without leaving home.

4) Through the establishment of a sound information collection system, the use of powerful data mining, processing and other massive data computing tools, as well as scientific intelligence analysis collaborative decision-making system to achieve government science, intelligent decision-making.

(2) wisdom logistics

1) a wide range of data acquisition, perception technology. Intelligent logistics based on the Internet of Things is faced with various types of data with various forms and extremely complicated information relations, diversified data collection and perception technologies, and several technical supports for smart logistics.

2) Ubiquitous network support reliable data transmission technology. With the development of the Internet of Things, ubiquitous networks will become the infrastructure for information and communication networks. Based on other network convergence, the ubiquitous networks will provide reliable data transmission technologies for smart logistics and provide people with accurate information of all kinds.

3) Wise decision-making, security and management techniques based on massive information resources. The processing and processing of mass perception information of the Internet of Things is the prerequisite for smart logistics decision making.

(3) Wisdom traffic

1) Emergency rescue system. When an emergency occurs, the owner presses the emergency button installed on the car and connects to the call center via wireless communication. Customer service personnel through the GPS technology can pinpoint the rescue service to the owner. In the rescue process, customer service staff can not only have online communication with the owner, but also real-time scheduling of rescue resources to minimize the loss of life and property owners.

2) Intelligent navigation system. The current trial route recommendation system can recommend the shortest route, the optimal route of time according to the driver demand and the real-time traffic information, and even recommends the taxi driver the route that is most likely to carry passengers.

3) dynamic display of parking spaces occupancy status, real-time monitoring of the entire parking lot usage; fast path algorithm to guide the car quickly into the free parking spaces. Statistics can be used to statistics of car park sub-period occupancy rate, daily or usage, assist to know parking management arrangements.

Application of Surveying and Mapping Technology in Smart City Construction

(1) digital aerial digital photography

With the development of CCD sensor technology, digital aerial photography has shown obvious advantages. Aeronautical digital cameras are facing unprecedented opportunities for development. There are two main development directions for digital cameras in aviation: one is based on the sensor orientation of a line array (LINearArray), which represents the product with AdS40; the other is based on the plane of the sensor (PlaNeArray), representing products such as dMc, ucd and the like.

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