Antimony ore

The main application areas are:

Activator (1) phosphors for the three primary colors of green phosphor powder, such as terbium activated phosphate matrix, terbium-activated silicate matrix, terbium-activated cerium magnesium aluminate matrix, in the excited state Both emit green light.

(2) Magneto-optical storage materials. In recent years, lanthanide magneto-optical materials have reached the scale of mass production. Magneto-optical discs developed with Tb-Fe amorphous films are used as computer storage components, and the storage capacity is improved by 10 to 15 times.

(3) Magneto-optical glass, ytterbium-containing Faraday rotatory glass is a key material for the manufacture of rotators, isolators and circulators that are widely used in laser technology. In particular Terfenol alloy (TerFenol) is developed,

It is a new use for cockroaches. Terfenol is a new type of material discovered in the 1970s. Half of the alloy is bismuth and antimony. Sometimes it is added with antimony and the rest is iron. The alloy is tested by the American Armas Edwards. The chamber was first developed, and when Terfenol was placed in a magnetic field, the change in size was greater than that of a typical magnetic material. This change allowed some precise mechanical motion to be achieved. NdFe began to be used primarily in sonar and is now used in a wide variety of applications, from fuel injection systems, liquid valve control, micro-positioning to mechanical actuators, mechanisms and aircraft wing telescope adjustment wing regulators.

Discovery process:

Discovered in 1843 by CG Mosander. Originally named yttrium oxide , it was officially named 铽 in 1877. For the first time in 1905, it was purified by G. Urbain.

Element description:

Silver gray metal. It is easily corroded by air at high temperatures; it is extremely slow at room temperature. Soluble in acid, salt colorless. The oxide Tb4O7 is brown.

Element source:

Thorium present in a small amount of cerium phosphate and sand in gadolinite.

Element use:

Used to make high temperature fuel cells and laser materials.

Elemental auxiliary materials:

During the same period found in lanthanum, yttrium Mosangdeer of the initial discovery were analyzed, and published a report in 1842, clearly originally discovered yttrium earth is not a single element oxides, but oxides of three elements. He still referred to one of them as bauxite, one of which was named terbia. The element symbol is set to Tb. Its naming source is the same as that of cockroaches, originating from the original discovery of strontium ore, 蛞姨乇龋╕ tterby near Stockholm, Sweden.

The discovery of 铽 and the other two elements 镧 and 打开 opened the second door to the discovery of rare earth elements and was the second stage of the discovery of rare earth elements. Their discovery is to find three of the rare earth elements after the two elements of 铈 and 钇. There are a total of five.

Element symbol: Tb English name: Terbium Chinese name: 铽

Relative atomic mass: 158.925 Common valence: +3,+4 Electronegativity: 1.2

Peripheral electronic layout: 4f9 6s2 Extra-core electronic layout: 2,8,18,27,8,2

Isotope and radiation: Tb-151[17.61h] Tb-155[5.3d] Tb-156[5.3d] Tb-157[110y] Tb-158[180y] Tb-159 Tb-160[72.3d] Tb-161 [6.91d] Tb-162[7.6m]

Electron affinity and energy: 0 KJ·mol -1

First ionization energy: 564 KJ·mol -1 second ionization energy: 1112 KJ·mol -1 third ionization energy: 0 KJ·mol -1

Elemental density: 8.27 g/cm 3 Elemental melting point: 1360.0 °C Elemental boiling point: 3041.0 °C

Atomic radius: 2.51 angstrom ionic radius: 1.18 (+3) angstrom valence radius: 1.59 angstrom

Common compound: none

Found by: Mosandel Time: 1843 Location: Sweden

Origin of the name:

Named after the Swedish village of Ytterby.

Element description:

Soft and malleable silver-gray rare earth metal.

Element source:

Coexisting with other rare earth elements in monazite sand, the content of strontium is generally 0.03%. Other sources are xenotime and black gold, both of which are mixtures of oxides containing up to 1% bismuth.

Element use:

A small amount of germanium is used in specialty lasers and solid state components.

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