Another big news Gehlfa K7 real vehicle challenge wind tunnel test

For Jianghuai heavy trucks across the K7, I believe you have a lot of card friends have been concerned about. Geerfa made a breakthrough in K7's high-end quality, powerful functions and intelligent technology applications to create outstanding vehicle performance. It identified a total of 20 performance items and 1270 performance indicators, becoming a Gehlfai heavy truck. History has spanned the pinnacle.

Recently, there is a big news across the K7 - wind tunnel experiments, the following for everyone to popular science!
What is a wind tunnel experiment and why is it so cattle?

The wind tunnel experiment was originally used in the aviation field and is an indispensable link in the development of an aircraft. According to the principle of relativity of motion, by artificially generating and controlling the air flow, the flow of gas around the object can be simulated and the effect of the air flow on the object can be measured.

Wind tunnel is the most commonly used and most effective tool for aerodynamic experiments. Through the wind drag coefficient measured by the wind tunnel test, the air resistance of the car when it is running can be calculated. This is closely related to the fuel consumption of the vehicle and the high-speed driving safety. With the development of industry, wind tunnel technology has also begun to be applied to the development of some passenger vehicles. However, the wind tunnel experiment of heavy truck products is not so easy, and domestic manufacturers are rarely involved.

What is automotive aerodynamics and what is its use?

Automobile aerodynamics is a branch of aerodynamics. It mainly studies the relationship between the interaction forces between the car and the surrounding air when they move relative to each other. It is generally said that the vehicle will disturb the surrounding air during driving. The vehicle aerodynamics is to find out how the air is disturbed and what happens when it is disturbed.

For flat-head heavy trucks, both the front and the side, the contact area with the air is greater, and the resistance to it is also increasing. Therefore, it is very important to study the aerodynamic performance of trucks. In addition, in addition to the resistance generated by the air, it also brings some benefits, such as cooling the engine, defrosting and defogging, cab cooling, cab heating, and so on.

In the “automotive wind tunnel”, the huge artificial wind can simulate the air resistance, noise, and thermodynamic status encountered in various driving environments, thereby testing the safety and handling stability of the prototype vehicle and minimizing the number of cars in motion. The loss of momentum provides conditions for designing more energy-efficient and beautiful cars.

To overcome difficulties, to overcome the K7 challenge heavy truck aerodynamics

Compared to passenger cars, domestic aerodynamic development of heavy trucks can be said to be a blank space. Due to the small circle, few opportunities for technical exchanges, lack of accumulated experience, and lack of hardware conditions, the development of domestic aerodynamics of heavy trucks has been constrained by many aspects. Many truck manufacturers also pay more attention to the reliability, power performance, and production cost of the entire vehicle when developing new vehicles, ignoring the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

In order to achieve better performance across K7, the JAC Technical Center cooperates with the Austria Magna Steyr Engineering Center and the Automotive Engineering Research Institute of China Automotive Technology and Research Center to deeply integrate the domestic and international aerodynamic performance development resources, including China and the United States. A high-level, global aerodynamic joint R&D team improved K7 across three stages.

From external structures such as ceilings, sun visors, air curtains, and grilles, to the interior of the nacelle, R&D personnel have optimized the K7 across the entire area. After the optimization, Geerfa overcomes the K7 air resistance by 15%, which reduces the fuel consumption by about 7%. It also improves safety while saving energy. Even at high speeds, the vehicle's attitude remains very stable.
JAC Gehlfa K7, how exactly will it play in the wind tunnel experiment? What kind of stunts did the R&D staff use during the optimization process? What kind of surprise will be brought about by the qualitative leap that the improved Geerfa made across the K7? Wait and see!

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