Analysis of Sweet Corn Quality with Maize Quality Analysis System

The cellulose content of corn is very rich, and the dietary fiber has the characteristics of water retention and water absorption, which can reduce serum cholesterol, prevent high blood fat and obesity, reduce the pH value in the intestinal glycolysis, affect the metabolism of anaerobic bacteria, and thus reduce the risk of rectal cancer. The disease rate, so people called the dietary fiber "seventh nutrient." Corn is a new generation of corn breeding in the world. Its two parents have the recessive sugar gene sul and its main effect modification gene se, and therefore have greater sweetness than normal corn. The quality of corn can be determined using a corn quality analysis system.

Unlike about 10% of the corn starch in the endosperm of sweet corn, it is a small molecular weight water-soluble polysaccharide (wps) with a branched chain, and this sweet corn is endowed with a unique flavor. In addition to nutrition, taste and appearance, ordinary corn is inferior to sweet corn, it has three shortcomings: First, relatively low sugar content; Second, the time to maintain the best quality is too short; Third, after conversion from sugar to starch Too fast. The analysis of corn quality analysis system found that sweet corn has the following seven advantages: (l) high sugar content; (2) good flavor; (3) good color; (4) thin peel; (5) long shelf life; (6) More varieties can be processed; (7) The germination rate and growth at the seedling stage are similar to those of ordinary corn, and seed reproduction is easier. Therefore, sweet corn has won people's love.

Analysis of the corn quality analysis system found that sweet corn is a low fat, high fiber food. In addition, sweet corn also contains a variety of nutrients such as vitamins B, B, BS, B6, e, E and carotene, as well as a variety of mineral elements. So sweet corn protein is an amino acid balanced protein. In summary, sweet corn not only has high sugar content, good palatability, and its unique flavor, but also the nutritional value of sweet corn is better than that of ordinary corn.

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