2018 Auto Finance: New Retail, New Finance, Blockchain

In the current era of Internet auto finance, how to combine auto finance with “new retail”, “new finance” and “blockchain” is the direction that each auto finance company needs to consider in 2018 and is about to develop.


In the past 2017, many new terms have been born. The most popular ones are today's titles: "New Retail," "New Finance," "Block Chain," and I believe there are many friends who have already The noun is very familiar with it.

In the current era of Internet auto finance, how to combine auto finance with "new retail", "new finance", and "blockchain" are, I believe, the direction that various auto finance companies need to consider and are about to develop in 2018.

How do they understand the true meaning of "new retail", "new finance" and "blockchain"? How to integrate these new terms of "thinking" and "marketing model" into auto finance?

Today, let Lao Wang speak of his own understanding of “new retail”, “new finance” and “blockchain”.

1, new retail

Regarding new retail, I think it can be summarized as nine words: fragmentation, multi-touch, ecological chain.


Fragmentation is not breaking the complete content and instilling it to users in batches. Instead, let users understand more complete information during fragmented time.

Just like, you're waiting for elevator advertisements for elevators, subway advertisements for subways, toilet advertisements for toilets, etc. These all use the user's fragmentation time to let users know you better.

In the current era of the Internet, people’s life tempo is getting faster and faster. There are more and more ways to obtain information. The traditional paper media and television ads seem to be gradually moving away from our sights. I may only have 30 years of the year. The day will sit and watch TV shows.

In such a fast-paced environment, how to effectively use the fragmented time to conduct marketing and promotion is more simple and crude than the celebrity endorsements and titles of TV programs.

Multiple contacts:

Traditionally, automotive financial products are only attached behind the sales of automobiles. They are just a tool for increasing the sales of automobiles. The contact with users is almost zero. It may be that the contacts of third-party financial companies and users will be more, but only When simple application materials are collected or the loan is settled, there will be contact with the user.

However, the new retail brings us the inspiration that why we can't position our automotive financial products to be in direct contact with and interact with users directly, and that we provide users with a sense of reliance by providing multi-touch services. To get the follow-up value of the user.

Ecological chain:

New retail is actually doing a whole set of integration of the automobile ecology. Each link in the ecological chain is a contact with the user, and at the same time, it is also a contact to obtain user value.

The ultimate auto finance new retail service providers should also have the ability to integrate auto sales from front-end sales to the automotive back-end market and have the ability to provide full ecological chain services.

The ultimate form of imaginary auto finance new retailing should be: auto finance companies, auto sales companies, auto insurance companies, car maintenance companies, etc., all will become the migrant workers in this ecological chain in disguised form, thus providing users with the most Excellent service.

2. New Finance

When it comes to new finance, it will surely be said that the new finance is science and technology finance, using scientific and technological means to prevent financial risks. In my opinion, this is only half right!

The new finance I understand is divided into two pieces, one is technology finance, and the other is scene finance.

Technology Finance:

In 2016, the penetration rate of China's credit population was 29.7%. In the same period, the penetration rate of the United States' credit population was 82.0%. The penetration rate of China's credit population was obviously insufficient.

In the continuous refurbishment of the Internet business model, technology and financial instruments have continued to increase. From 2013 to 2016, consumer finance grew from 6 billion yuan to 436.71 billion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of 317.5%.

This is precisely the industry dividend brought about by technology finance. Under the circumstances that the government's credit penetration rate is insufficient, it uses third-party commercial credit information and technological means to expand the scope of customers and prevent financial fraud risks.

According to relevant understanding, the scope of science and technology finance in auto finance includes: pre-lending anti-fraud risk control, user credit assessment, credit users' reputation, behavior, driving habits, etc., and assessment of loan users' ability and willingness to repay loans. Wait.

Traditional credit information only allows you to understand the user's past, while technology finance allows you to predict the user's future!

Scene Finance:

“Scene” has always been the most important part of internet marketing. Different from the traditional business model that emphasizes the needs of users, in a considerable part of the “Internet+” success stories, the initial thinking often comes from entrepreneurs in a certain scenario. The inconvenient experience you feel.

In the case of drip-beating behavior, it is only a taxiing tool in the eyes of a traditional taxi company; but under the thinking of the Internet, drip trips are a fusion of traditional taxis and Internet scenes. The success of the Internet innovation lies in accurately finding the pain point where users are having trouble getting cars in the “Taxi” scenario.

From the “scene” point of view, the current Internet industry, those who have found the high-frequency scenes in daily life, and have successfully implemented the transformation of the traditional industries into the Internet, may become the industry leader. For example, Jingdong and Taobao found the scene of "shopping."

So: Scene Finance = Internet + Traditional Industry + Finance.

3, blockchain

Although the maturity of blockchain technology and the shaping of business models still require a long period of exploration at present, the decentralization of blockchain features, lack of trust, and irreparable tampering will give it to the automotive industry. Very much imagination and inspiration.


The decentralization in the blockchain can be understood as direct point-to-point transactions, just as the RMB cash transactions in our daily lives can be completed without the intermediary payment media such as banks, Alipay and WeChat. Trading of goods.

In the same way, we look at the current auto finance industry, which is basically a centralized risk control application. It is characterized by evading the moral hazard of the partners. However, because centralized approval requires uniform application materials and uniform approval time. And the unified approval process, because of the centralized fixed model, thus ignoring the user's experience.

After decentralized auto finance, it is possible to set up branch offices throughout the country, and then set up branch companies in each district and county to build each branch company into independent individuals. Each individual individual can then directly accept user applications, and The first time feedback the results of the approval.

No need to trust:

It can be understood that because it is a point-to-point direct transaction, it is not necessary to trust the feedback information of the intermediary payment media. For example, A transfers 100 million yuan to B through Alipay, and B must believe that Alipay can use this 100 million yuan. Yuan to yourself?

In the same way, the user said that he has a good credit rating and no overdue conditions such as credit cards or loans. Will you be the first to believe it?

Cannot be tampered with:

It can be understood that each user is digitized by means of technology and technology, and the digitized users have their own labels, and these labels cannot be tampered with, so that the user's qualifications can be well distinguished.

At the same time, each user has his own digital tag, combined with decentralized and trust-free features, it can be very good to expand the scope of the user and achieve personal pricing.

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